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Air Air-Logistics Notes Documents Required For Exports

Documents Required for Exports

  • Invoice.
  • Packing List.
  • Shipping Letter of Instruction.
  • Destination Requirement.

What is Required to Air Export

  • IEC Code (Importer Exporter Code)
  • Drawback Account (Claiming Drawback only).
  • AD Code (Authorised Dealer Code issued by RBI to all Banks dealing in Foreign Exchange).
  • It is unique 14 Digit No. and it is the account in which the customer is getting payment from the buyer.

Type OF Shipping Bill for Export

  • NFEI ( No foreign Exchange Involved).

Invoice must be valued more than 25k and must not be bulkquantity. These are basically free trade samples.

  • Non Drawback ( White Shipping Bill)

These are export where the customer is notclaiming any benefit from Customs.

  • Drawback ( Green Shipping Bill)

This is export where the customer is claiming benefit from customsas per the scheme. Customer must have his Drawback bank Registered at that Airportto claim this benefit.

  • EPCG ( Export Promotion Capital Goods)
  • EOU ( Export Oriented Unit)
  • DEPB ( Duty Entitlement passbook Scheme)
  • DEEC ( Duty Exemption Entitlement Certificate)
  • Re- Export .


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