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Corporate Social Responsibility

KWE India is not only a market leader on India's logistics landscape; it's also very active on the social front having initiated several CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. Our charter of activities covers several areas of social impact, most prominent being the 3 Es: Education, Emergency Relief and Environment-related.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Education: We have identified poor families who cannot afford good education for their children and are helping them meet the Educational expenses. In this area, we work with NGOs who help us identify such deserving students, and manage communication barriers.

Emergency Relief: We have participated in Relief measures for people affected by natural calamitieslike floods and earthquakes.

Environment-related: We are both directly and indirectly involved in several initiatives around Solid Waste Management, E-waste Management, Renewable Energy and Water conservation.

KWE India has partnered with a reputed NGO to carry out the following CSR activities

KWE India looks beyond mere business achievementsor profits. We are passionate about pursuing broader social, economical and environmental objectives. Quality education, sanitary and environmental sustainability are powerful tools for socio-economic transformation and achieving ecological balance in anysociety. Therefore, KWE India’s CSR and welfare activities are committed to creating and supporting programs that bring about sustainable change through education, sanitary awareness and clean environment.

KWE India has partnered with a reputed NGO to carry out the following CSR activities in various Government Schools in and around Bengaluru.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Girls Glory Project: This project addresses the issue of the lack of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Government Schools, with a special focus on adolescent girls. Through this program, KWE builds toilets with water accessibility, provides sanitary wear toadolescent girls and imparts health & hygiene education so that they continue to come to school with more confidence and dignity and then replicate the cleanliness in their own homes and community. This helps prevent early drop-out, improves girl’s education, and encourage them to live dignified lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

SPOORTHI Centre - (An After-School Program)

The aim of Spoorthi Center is to improve the learnability and overall development of children to supplement education provided at government schools and shelter homes. It emphases addressing the gap in quality and equity issues in public education by setting up after-school programs that focus on activity-based learning as a medium to engage the children in improving academic result.

KWE India is involved in sponsoring all the three School Projects by providing furniture and fixtures along with computer accessories, internet access and appointed trainers for computer education. 1000 children will benefit from the Spoorthi Centers opened in their schools.

KWE India has also distributed school-bags to 500 under-privileged students in Government Schools.


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